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We are Spiritual Beings, having a human experience! - Teilhard de Chardin

It is with great pleasure that I have been supporting people for more than 25 years now in the development of their personality, in times of personal transformation or crises and in achieving their visions, so that they become the person they would like to be.

I have always shown an interest in the different inner and outer worlds people live in. I am fascinated by exploring the possibilities of enhancing our awareness, in order to make the world a more peaceful place. Hence I started to meditate during my university studies and decided later on to share and teach this wonderful experience.

My holistic therapeutic approach has developed over many years and today it is closely connected to methods of Energy Psychology. I am amazed by these method's simplicity yet profound effects they cause. It fills me with great joy to see how vastly people feel better when treated with these methods. 

Often it's about the dissolving of strains and blockades from the past - on the physical, emotional as well as on the mental level. Our unconscious experiences and traumas and their resulting belief systems block us when trying to attain our most important aim in life: unconditional love for ourselves, our fellow human beings and towards life itself. 

I am looking forward to meeting and to supporting you on your way to more vitality, joy of living and soulfullness.

If you are interested you can download my CV as a PDF.