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In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy. - Albert Szent-Györgyi, MD Nobel Laureate in Medicine

Meridian Balancing 

Meridian Balancing are basic techniques taken from Energy Medicine which positively affect the body’s own system and not only increases the energy flow but also balances it. Energy medicine is the oldest medical discipline worldwide. It is concerned with biological processes in their energetic basis and hence influences the overall condition of people and their organisms in a holistic and optimal way.

Energy is the vital, living, moving force of our being. Within the field of Energy Medicine, energy is not merely the medicine but also the patient, as our body disposes of a sheer unbelievable amount of intelligence. When we watch out for the siganls our body sends us, when we guide our body and bring ourselvels in line, our personal, dynamic self-healing processes can be instantly activated.

With Meridian Balancing you will learn easy, instantly realizable and highly effective exercises that will optimize the energy flow in your body. Tiredness and weakness will be compensated, which will allow you to feel and experience more vitality and balance. Your self-healing processes will be stimulated and your immune system optimized. All exercises can easily be incorporated into your daily routine - independent of time and place and without unnecessary preparations or change of clothes. Most exercises only take a few minutes.

Should you start your day with Meridian Balancing, you will get a fresh and energetic start into your day. It will allow you to compensate for energy deficits during the day and you will be able to enjoy your day in a more effective way. In the evening balancing your Meridians will help you get rid of burdening experiences of your day and help you let loose and sleep well.

Meridian Balancing combines stretching exercises and body positions with stimulation of acupressure points, as well as breathing techniques. The daily realignment of the meridians is a valuable method to ensure a free and unhindered energy flow within your body. As the meridians connect important organs and muscles in your body, the realignment is comparable with the dynamic repositioning of your spine. You will instantly feel the effect in terms of vitalization, by feeling calmer as well as more serene and stress relieved – it brings along more healthiness for your body, mind and soul.