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Sat Mar 9 00:00:00 2019 Seminars

Transcendental Meditation

TM is a simple, natural relaxation method that brings about a unique state of deepest physical and mental relaxation. In this deep calm, deep-seated stress and tension are released and we draw new life force.

At the same time, the mind remains wide awake, our consciousness rests within itself. During this experience of pure consciousness, healing happens for mind, body and soul. We experience and feel what we are: One with everything!

Meditating stimulates areas in the brain where positive sensations arise - regular practice makes us happier and more content. The vitalising effect of TM lasts the whole day and leads to more joy of life, more health and balance.

I cordially invite you to experience the effects of this unique method and to enrich your life with it.

Workshop on 9 + 10 March 2019

Sat. 9 March 2019

1st meeting: You will learn Transcendental Meditation in a personal introduction.

Duration approx. 2 hrs. each / time according to personal arrangement

Sun. 10 March 2019

2nd + 3rd meeting: Meeting in the group with joint meditation.

Duration approx. 2 hours each.

These meetings serve to deepen and understand how meditation is practised and how it works. You will understand the principles on which Transcendental Meditation is based and become more confident in practising your meditation independently. At the meetings we meditate together, discuss the meditation experience and questions that arise.

1st meeting: 11 am / followed by lunch together (not included in the price).

2nd meeting in the group at 16.00 hrs.

Follow-up meeting:

After you have practised the TM technique independently for some time, there will be a follow-up meeting in the group after about 2 weeks to consolidate your meditation practice. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, exchange experiences and meditate together.

Further meetings by arrangement.

Once learned, you can practise the TM technique wherever you want to relax and recharge for a while.

Personal registration and discussion required before the workshop begins!

Place: Practice Healing Space

Barbara Reichau

On the Halde 5

51429 Bergisch Gladbach

Tel: 02204 703 6 703

THE HEALINGSPACE RETREAT Oct 2017 / Mykonos Wed Apr 26 17:55:00 2017 Retreats



Time: 15.10.2017 – 22.10.2017

Place: Villa Hurmuses / Mykonos / Greece / exclusive: max. 8 participants

Led by: Barbara Reichau

Prices: 1395,- to 1795,- € (Master Bedroom) per participant → 15 % discount for double room participants


The HealingSpace Retreat is an uplifting opportunity to step back from your daily life and instill balance and relaxation as you renew your energy and awaken your spirit.

 - Lighten up your life and step towards the personal shift that you have been seeking.

 - Expand your awareness and open the door to new possibilities.

 - Nourish your body and calm your mind through body work and meditation.

 - Release stuck energy and emotional turbulences and become the person you want to be.

Give yourself the time and permission to relax, enjoy and transform!

World class accommodation, delicious food and an ocean-view of dreams awaits you.

For an experience that will empower you long after you have returned home, I look forward to welcoming you here on Mykonos!

The Retreat includes:

  • Daily morning sessions for your Body & Soul (Daily Energy Ritual*)
  • Morning & Evening Group Meditation
  • One-to-one guided instruction in Transcendental Meditation**
  • A one-to-one EFT*** healing session with Barbara
  • One balancing massage treatment
  • Welcome dinner with wine
  • 7 Nights accommodation
  • Daily fresh and healthy breakfast
  • Light lunches on request
  • 5 times chef services (seafood and vegetarian dinner)
  • Tea, coffee, water and fruits at any time
  • Transfer to/from airport/harbour

Additional private healing sessions with Barbara
Additional massages with a professional therapist
Additional trip to the holy island of Delos

*With the „Daily Energy Ritual“ we start our day more joyful with vitalizing physical exercises. We will stimulate our Meridian System, the vital energy system of our body to bring it into harmony and balance. This will lead you to 1. a healthier, more vibrant life, 2. become more resilient to illness and stress, 3. restore your body’s natural energy flows.

** With Transcendental Meditation we experience our silent self beyond our thoughts and emotions. TM naturally generates a unique state of deepest physical and mental relaxation. To restore balance in our life, meditation is an essential ingredient.

*** Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a powerful method that delivers amazing results in the healing of emotional, mental and physical problems and any „stuck“ feelings in your life. Barbara will help you to release old beliefs or emotions and find new visions that will allow you to enjoy your life with more ease, fulfillment and joy.

Barbara Reichau
+ 49 163 8105205
+ 30 6931 905708



Infos about Villa Hurmuses:
The Villa Hurmuses experience is about memories — unforgettable memories that have been made and the beautiful memories that are possible. Tucked in a serene corner near Mykonos Town, Villa Hurmuses offers the details the discerning traveler seeks including award-winning architecture, design, atmosphere and service. The care, thought and attention was given to the villa is one reason it has been rated as one of the top 20 Great Villas on the Greek islands by Conde Nast Traveller. Villa Hurmuses is conveniently located within easy walking distance of the charming Mykonos Town and a picturesque beach. The villa is open to breathtaking views of the scenes Mykonos has become famous for – its sunset, its harbor windmills and its beautiful, traditional whitewashed main village.

Unforgettable memories await.

Klopf Dich Frei! (kostenloser Infovortrag) Fri Feb 24 14:00:00 2017 Seminars
Thu Nov 17 19:00:00 2016 Seminars
"Zeit für Dich!" Mykonos Retreat 2016 Sat Feb 20 18:23:00 2016 Retreats
Lighten up your life! - Workshop Mykonos April 2016 Wed Feb 10 09:22:00 2016 Seminars, Workshops

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is one of the most direct and powerful ways to awaken to who you really are and to experience happiness as a state of consciousness that already exists within you - independent on anything or anyone! It naturally generates a unique state of deepest physical and mental relaxation. Make it your practice to cultivate self-awareness and self –love by quiet moments during your daily life!

I happily invite you to enjoy my workshop around Transcendental Meditation on Mykonos on the 9th, 10th and 11th of April 2016.

The workshop includes:

  • individual personal instruction on April 9th/about 2 hours 
  • 2 group meetings on April 10th (morning and evening) 
  • 1 group meeting on April 11th (2 hours each meeting.)

Special offer: 250,- euro for adults, 120,- euro for youth.

For any further information please contact me!

Im Einklang mit Dir selbst - Workshop April 2016 Wed Feb 10 09:15:00 2016 Seminars, Workshops

Meditieren regt Bereiche im Gehirn an in denen positive Empfindungen entstehen - regelmäßiges praktizieren macht also glücklicher und zufriedener. Die vitalisierende Wirkung der TM hält den ganzen Tag an und führt zu mehr Lebensfreude, mehr Gesundheit und Ausgeglichenheit.

Ich lade Sie herzlich ein die Wirkungen dieser einzigartigen Methode kennenzulernen!

Workshop am 23. + 24. April 2016
Ort: Praxis Healing Space/ Barbara Reichau
Auf der Halde 5 51429 Bergisch Gladbach
Kosten: 420,- Euro Erwachsene / 580,- Euro Paare / 120,- Euro Jugendliche und Kinder

Gerne beantworte ich noch offene Fragen auch telefonisch! Ich freue mich auch Sie :-)

Download Workshopflyer

Klopf Dich Frei! Mehr Lebensfreude und Vitalität durch EFT Sun Jul 5 16:44:00 2015 Seminars, Workshops

Barbara Reichau, HP Psychotherapie, Coach & Trainerin für EFT
Anja Corinna Straßner, HP Psychotherapie, Coach, Trainerin für EFT

weiterführende Infos vorab:
Buchempfehlung: "Stress überwinden mit EFT" Reto Wyss, AT Verlag

Workshop-Termin / Ort / Kosten:
23. + 24. Oktober 2015
Freitag, 23.10.2015: 18 – 21 Uhr
Samstag, 24.10.2015: 10 – 18 Uhr
TechnologiePark Bergisch Gladbach
220,- € p.P.

Anmeldung unter:
Tel.: +49 163 810 5205

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„Zeit für Dich!“ - Mykonos Retreat Mai 2015 Sat Jan 10 11:49:00 2015 Retreats

Reisedauer: 01. Juni – 08. Juni 2015
Seminarort: Mykonos, Griechenland
Seminarpreis: 570,- € (zzgl. Flug, Übernachtung + Mahlzeiten)
Seminarleitung: Barbara Reichau

Ich möchte Sie hiermit einladen als Teil einer kleinen Gruppe einen exklusiven Urlaub zu erleben, der auf einzigartige Art und Weise Entspannung und Selbsterkenntnis mit einander verbindet. Es erwarten sie gemeinsame sowie individuelle Programmpunkte, bei denen sie wertvolle Methoden und Übungen kennen- und erlernen werden, um diese auch nach der Reise spielend-leicht in Ihren Alltag zu integrieren und Ihr Leben stressfreier und bewusster zu gestalten.

Melden Sie sich noch heute an!